4 Tips On Reading a Painting Correctly

4 Tips On Reading a Painting Correctly

In the modern society, art is known as a status symbol. It gives you a clear understanding of the world around us. There are some people who dedicate their lives in studying every minute detail of a painting, but to understand an art, it is not necessary to be an expert. All you need to give is some moderate attention to the details.

Here we’ll be discussing a quick way of approach to read a certain painting and understand its inner meaning. Let’s get started

1. Observe The Painting Closely

When you see a painting for the first time, it must grab your eye in some way or the other. Give yourself some time and try to observe the painting more closely. Check out the use of the colours, how the subject has been displayed?, is it a realistic approach or just a visual joke? Analyze the painting and then ask yourself “What the painting is about?” The painting might be a landscape, a portrait, a scene from a well-known story, and so on. It is not necessary that all painting need a subject – most of the 20th century paintings are abstract.

2. Search For Common Symbols

Artists mostly create a painting with some common symbols that depict the real meaning of their painting, for viewers to understand easily. While closely observing the painting, search for the common symbols. Symbolism displays a uniqueness of the art piece and the artist’s individual statement. Don’t get to search for what the artists wants to say, look for symbols that explains the meaning of the artist’s work.

3. Study What Style has Been Used

After you’ve observed the painting closely and searched for some common symbols within it, now comes the time to study what style has been used by the artist to create the painting. There are only a few artists that have created a detailed and more meaningful work, while other have just slapped in colours haphazardly to create an ecstatic and wild effect.

4. Try And Examine Your Own Emotions

After seeing a painting most of us think that it’s just a child’s play. Artist’s mostly work on strong reaction ranging from anger and disgust to awe and lust. Every painting has some sort of emotional response hidden within it, so, take a moment and question about your immediate reaction after seeing the painting. Does it make you angry, smile, or it just upsets you. What purpose has the painting to lead you to such reactions? The more clearly you understand your reaction towards the painting, the better understanding you’ll get out of it.

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