6 Popular Modern Styles of Painting

6 Popular Modern Styles of Painting

The paintings are created in such a way to spark out a conversation. It gives your mind a newer perspective and helps you think out of the box. It serves both the purposes – appreciated for its beauty, and sounds for a good investment for a higher resale value. But, before you purchase a painting for your space, it’s important to know about the different modern painting styles. To help you, we’ve listed down 6 popular styles of painting . To know more, read on –

1. Abstract Art

Abstract, as we all know, has no figurative reference to showcase reality. Same goes for the art that has no figure but is represented with the simplest of meaning. The painters use different shades of colour and shapes to reflect emotions and the landscape of one’s inner world. Abstract art can be further subdivided into Colour Field, Abstract Expressionism, Cubism, and Lyrical Abstraction. Making a perfect choice among these arts depends on your preferences and the type of environment you would like to place your painting in.

2. Conceptual Art

When there’s a form of abstract art, there has to be a conceptual art form as well. the painters of this art form believe that the concept of the artwork is more important than the piece itself. This type of painting is difficult to find as it mostly incorporates few elements of installation and sculptures.

3. Futurism

The painting style that depicts the future of the world through technology, violence, and speed is called futurism piece of art. The paintings are all about men’s triumph over nature and its after effects. Painters mostly make use of the cubist style of painting where objects are deconstructed to geometric shapes to display movement.

4. Surrealism

Do you believe in the subconscious world? If not, then the surrealism painting will make you believe in it. These paintings represent different images together in the world of imagination. Famous surrealists painters are – Joan Miro, Salvador Dali, Max Ernst, and Toyen.

5. Pop Art

During the mid-1950s, the British artists brought in something that was far-removed from the daily life. This resulted in the produce of pop art that was a complete opposite of abstract expressionism. This type of art focused mostly on the day-to-day subjects that involve celebrities, advertising, comic books, and different objects found every day. It expresses true realism.

6. Minimalism

Minimalism is the simplest of all art forms. The painters of this type of art believe in what is necessary. It showcases all the details that the artist wants to depict to its viewers. Piet Mondrian, Frank Stellas, Kazimir Malevich, and Barnett Newman are some of the famous minimalist painters.

Now that you are well aware of the different styles of modern art painting, we’re sure you’ll make your purchase wisely and select the one that perfectly suits the environment of your space. What are you waiting for? Contact Accrue Real Estate in Melbourne.

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